Housing Fair starts soon


As June is soon turning to July, Housing Fair in Vantaa, Finland is getting closer! This year the Housing Fair is held in Kivistö, Vantaa. It’s just around the corner of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, and a new railway will get you to the exhibition area just in few minutes. Housing Fair starts from 10th of June and lasts until 9th of August.

We will be main exhibitor of the Profin House, which is house number 21. We will naturally be there from the beginning of the Housing Fair untill the very last exhibition day. We will be showing our products in the garage of Profin House, where you can take a closer look of our Glass Sliding Doors from product range Clear and more. Glass Sliding Doors at the Profin House itself are from our newest product family, Full Glass. Welcome to explore both the house and our products!

Let’s meet at the Profin House!