Number 1 at Housing Fair Finland



The annual Housing Fair Finland has been a sweeping success for Profin. Every year the visitors vote for their favourite houses and in 2014 they voted unanimously for Villa Lumous. Villa Lumous was awarded Best House, Best Interior Design and Best Yard.

– Villa Lumous’ success is a matter of pride for Profin. We manufactured Villa Lumous’ glass sliding doors, windows and doors, says Profin’s CEO Mikko Haapala.

The visitors were enamoured with the Villa’s high quality, its amenities and the use of space.

– The Villa is constructed so that the glass sliding doors open an unobstructed view to nature, to the lake and the yard, Haapala describes.

In addition to Villa Lumous, Profin’s products were used in other high-ranking houses. The high-rise Maailmanpylväs and its Drama Queen apartment got second place in the Best House category.

Profin provided the high-rise Maailmanpylväs and all its 53 apartments with their unique 5 in 1 solution. The 5 in 1 solution combines windows, doors and glass sliding doors into one functional element which can be installed on-site.

– The fact that Maailmanpylväs was voted second is a good indication of how the housing industry is changing. For the inhabitant, the 5 in 1 solution offers a whole new kind of comfortable living. For the construction company, the prefabricated element means saving time and money, Haapala says.

The Housing Fair Finland is the biggest housing fair in Finland. It showcases ongoing and future trends in the housing industry.