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Profin clear

The special feature of the Profinin Clear range is the aluminum exterior trim. As is typical for all Profin products, the frame and casing consists of long-lasting, close-grained pine. Especially a stained wooden surface brings an aesthetic addition to the space. The design language of the Clear range consists of clean lines and timeless elegance.

GlazingInsulated triple-glazed unit
Casing depth210 mm
Casing thickness54 mm, threshold 45 mm
U-value2000 x 2180 mm = 0,78 W/m2xK
3000 x 2300 mm = 0,71 W/m2xK
4000 x 2600 mm = 0,67 W/m2xK
SoundproofingDepending on choice of glass Rw + Ctr 29-38 dB
G-valueStandard product 0,45 and sun-protection glass 0,33


Material Pine, larch, or oak
Colour option for aluminium partsMatte silver
Standard handleHandle from the Siegenia range. Please ask about the availability of other handles.
Key systemEuro DIN
Colour options for the handleMatte silver
Performance (DoP)Profin Active
DeliveryThe arrangements for the delivery of products measuring more than 2.4 m in height (2.6 m when packaged) should be agreed upon when the order is placed.

The Profin product details are available in ProdLib, where architects and designers can download our product range straight to ArchiCAD and Revit.

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Five-year warranty against structural, technical, and material defects

A five-year warranty applies to products coated, painted, or varnished at our production facility.

Five-year warranty against leaks and condensation

The manufacturer of the insulated glass units offers a five-year warranty on all of these units. Leaking or condensation-prone units will be replaced at any point during the term of warranty.

Two-year warranty on installations

The Profin installation, carefully and precisely carried out by professionals with vast experience from thousands of sites, guarantees an accurately performing product.

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