We take steps to ensure the quality and durability of our products at every stage of our processes


Choice of materials



It is important to us that each stage of our processes be thought through carefully, down to the smallest detail.

In the production stage, for instance, we perform multiple quality checks to ensure consistent quality that meets our high standards. In the development of our services, we have focused especially on the importance of following the correct installation procedures. Appropriate regular maintenance further extends the service life of our products.


1. Comfort and style

In addition to our glass sliding doors our ranges also consist of compatible fixed windows.

2. Sophisticated details

When designing new products, we pay special attention to details and stylistic coherence.

  • Our doors and windows have matching hinges.
  • All products are available with matching handles that you can choose from a selection of ranges.
  • The colour options for our windows and doors include our standard colours and a selection of RAL colours. Alternatively, you can request a colour of your choice.

If you decide to choose your own colour, we verify its suitability for the finished product by creating a test piece first.

3. Products designed for life

The designs of our windows and doors are based on the DK and SD structures, as these offer ease of use, a wide range of features, and unparalleled technical quality.

Wood —
a natural choice

We use primarily Northern close-grained pine in our products. We also manufacture products that use high-quality oak.

In addition to having access to high-quality raw materials, it is important to use the right production methods.

And to choose the right parts of the wood.We carefully select the best parts of the wood for each part of our products.

A unique cutting technique. We cut all of our timber along the grain, using the traditional Japanese Masame technique.

When this technique is used, the cutting line does not break the grain of the wood. Products made of timber cut with this technique are extremely durable and can withstand even the most challenging conditions. The technique also brings out the beautiful, elegant texture of the wood.


Five-year warranty against structural, technical, and material defects

The warranty applies to products coated, painted, or varnished at our production facility.

Five-year warranty against leaks and condensation

The manufacturer of the insulated glass units offers a five-year warranty on all of these units. Leaking or condensation-prone units will be replaced at any point during the term of the warranty.

Two-year warranty on installations

The Profin installation, carefully and precisely carried out by professionals with vast experience from thousands of sites, guarantees an accurately performing product.

A focus on energy-efficiency

In the design of new wooden frames, joints, or seals, our starting point is that every standard product must meet current environmental and energy-efficiency requirements.

Experienced and skilled workers, creating less waste

The use of appropriate materials, accurate cutting, and careful finishing and attention to detail ensure that our production processes do not cause unnecessary harm to the environment and that the finished products last as long as possible.

Products of the future

We are always looking for new, more environment-friendly ways of doing things, to ensure that our products remain a sustainable choice for generations to come.

Wood – a durable, ecologically sound material

All of our products are made with wood. When properly used and maintained, wooden structures last many generations. As a renewable and recyclable material, wood is also an environment-friendly choice.

Environmental sustainability

To be able to identify and minimise the environmental impact of our production processes, we have adopted an environmental management system.

Predictive modelling

The latest 3D modelling technology helps us to minimise the use of physical test pieces, and new products entering production are already ready for the market. All this means that the use of 3D modelling keeps the amount of raw material sent for recycling or to the landfill at a minimum.


We recycle all reusable materials correctly and efficiently. Whenever possible, we try to find alternative uses, such as energy creation, for materials that cannot be recycled.